Wallet Set-up Instructions

Tappa+ Wallet Set-up Instructions

Congratulations on purchasing a great new wallet.

We love the Tappa+ Wallet, we use it every day ourselves, navigating the Sydney Bus and Rail system. It works great and really does make getting on and off faster and pain-less.

Why set-up instructions? How hard could it be to use a wallet you say? Well it’s actually pretty simple, but just to be sure, if you read below and/or watch the really short video you will get the most out of your Tappa+.

If you didn’t know the Tappa+ segments your Transport cards and your Paywave cards using a concept called Faraday cage made with RFID material. The video and diagrams show you where to put your cards.


How to use the Tappa Wallet…

The Tappa Wallet is slim and looks like a regular wallet. The main difference with the Tappa Wallet is that it has a readable and an unreadable compartment. Which means you can add all of your cards to the one wallet without them clashing.

Its really easy to use, just add the card you want read to the front sleeve. For most people this will be their transport card, like Opal, Myki or Go Transport. Some people can also add their work swipe cards. You will have to test it out.

You do not need to take the transport card out to use it, you just tap it against the reader and it works perfectly. You always know which side to tap, as it its the side with the Logo.

Your Cards Are RFID Protected and Do Not Clash

On the back side of the Tappa Wallet, we have the unreadable compartment. This compartment has anti RFID protection, meaning your cards are safe and cannot be read by e-pickpockets or cards skimmers.

To access the cards you pull the red quick-draw tab. You can easily fit four cards in this side and they are nice and tight, they will not fall out.

We also have a small internal pocket that can be used for ID or receipts, and a slimline cash compartment.