Tappa+ Wallet Slim – Boot Brown (Vintage style)

Tappa+ Wallet Slim – Boot Brown (Vintage style)

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Tappa+ Slim RFID wallet. Boot Brown is a Vintage distressed leather. Highest quality leather and craftsmanship. Minimalist bi-fold design fits into the skinniest of pockets. Tight card storage with easy access Quick draw tab. Unique “Tap” design lets you use transport cards in wallet. Easy cash access. No metal parts that scratch, irritate or break.

100% money back guarantee – you will love using the Tappa Wallet.


No more card clash!

The Tappa+ wallet is a stylish, slim, men’s leather wallet, that let’s you carry your bankcards and your contactless transport cards together, segmenting them into readable and unreadable compartments.

This protects your bank cards from card skimming and electronic theft while letting you “tap” your contactless Transport card or Payment card on a reader without having to take it from your wallet.

All Tappa Wallets have 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you receive your Tappa Wallet and don’t like it for ANY reason – return it and we will give you your money back!


  1. This wallet is sleek, lightweight and craftsmanship is spot on, I also like the RF feature knowing that my cards are protected from any skimming attempts which you would pay a premium for with other brands, my opal and corporate cards work as advertised without needing to take them out of the wallet which is very convenient. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a modern wallet with a peace of mind attached!

  2. I really liked the design of the Tappa Wallet and gave it as a gift for a friend. He loved it, especially the part where the cards go – smart & simple.

  3. This is a hi- tech wallet disguised as a classic. I use my Tappa wallet every day. It makes using public transport in Sydney feel more fluid. Where I used to fumble around in my fat wallet trying to find my opal card, now I just tap the logo of the wallet on the reader and keep on moving. I wonder how the leather will go over time. I suspect it will get better with age?

  4. This wallet is actually pretty damn cool. I am no longer one of those people stuck at the train station gates tapping a fat wallet with my Sydney Opal card not working. Just knowing that I can tap my wallet with confidence & keep walking without crashing into the barrier has added years to my life 😉 Seriously though, if you want to go slimline but have RFID protection for your credit cards and at the same time be able to tap your train pass, then this is perfect. Added bonus: It actually looks cool and although I’ve only had it a month or so, it seems to be awesome quality so it will should last…. The perfect gift!

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